Heading Out

My flight off to Tanzania takes off in about 12 hours, and I was planning on writing a lengthy post about my dreams, aspirations, etc. But at this point, all I can feel right now is a wide range of emotions, from fright to excitement, anxious to nervous.

Mostly packed, I’m just taking care of some things like e-mail (DUMUNC-related mostly), and checking my packing list over again. At the very least, I just wanted to welcome everyone that has/will subscribe to this and follow my adventures in Tanzania!

If anyone is also doing anything exciting and has set up a blog, let me know about it in the comments!


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4 responses to “Heading Out

  1. Aditya

    Have a safe trip Ankit and keep me updated!

  2. blattus

    Thought I might as well create one two. It’s just roshansadanani.com (conveniently redirecting to WordPress 🙂

    See you in Amsterdam!

  3. Yay Blogging. I look forward to hearing about your fun times in Tanzania. (That was almost alliteration) 🙂

  4. Shiva Rao

    Yea Ankit!!! Go Ankit!

    Ankit!…. Ankit!…. Ankit!

    Wooooooooooooooooo! Ankit!

    Have fun is Tanzania!

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