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Initial Pictures and Stuff

As strange as my return to  America has been, its equally strange looking back at all the pictures I’ve taken. A lot of the sights and sounds from this trip feel so foreign, and yet I know I was there last week. Here’s a quick snapshot of some stuff I wasn’t able to share earlier on Tanzanian internet.


Giraffe at Lake Manyara


My Awesome Safari Group: Farah, Bob, Ruvi, Andrew, and Myself


The stream I walked by everyday to work



I’ll post a link to an album shortly. Lots of small things to take care of at home; driving my brother, DUMUNC, meeting friends, and just getting back to not speaking Swahili (its surprisingly tough!)

Thanks to everyone who read my blog, kept in touch this past summer, and kept me feeling at home!


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Karibu Nyumbani

I’m Home.

Its a strange feeling sitting in my living room with my family, talking about Tanzania as if it were a million miles away; less than 24 hours ago I was living there.

Coming back, I feel great to see familiar faces and services, but it doesn’t feel right. This must be the reverse culture shock they warned us about. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long, I’m ready to get on with my life.

Of course,that doesn’t mean the end of this blog. Many of you have requested photos and such, so I’ll be shortly posting a bunch of pictures and what not as I get over my jet-lag and some work I need to get out of the way.

Kwaheri Tanzania (Good bye Tanzania)

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