Heading Out

My flight off to Tanzania takes off in about 12 hours, and I was planning on writing a lengthy post about my dreams, aspirations, etc. But at this point, all I can feel right now is a wide range of emotions, from fright to excitement, anxious to nervous.

Mostly packed, I’m just taking care of some things like e-mail (DUMUNC-related mostly), and checking my packing list over again. At the very least, I just wanted to welcome everyone that has/will subscribe to this and follow my adventures in Tanzania!

If anyone is also doing anything exciting and has set up a blog, let me know about it in the comments!



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I know my banner is misspelled. I’ll fix it later this afternoon.


Done. New picture, a bit more colorful I think.

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Coming Soon

Thanks to EWH – Summer Institute and Duke Engage for giving me this great opportunity to visit Tanzania and see what my skills and knowledge can contribute to the world.

Expect first post from me soon, probably around the end of the month.


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